Formula 1

Ricciardo disqualified from Singapore qualifying for power breach

Daniel Ricciardo may have finished a strong P8 for Renault in qualifying for the Singapore Grand Prix – but he was later disqualified from the results of the session after it was discovered that the Australian had exceeded his MGU-K power limit in the Q1 segment of qualifying. The MGU-K is part of an F1 car’s energy recovery system which converts energy generated under braking into electrical power, which can then be deployed directly to the drivetrain. Teams are limited to deploying 120kW of this electrical power – equivalent to around 160bhp – out on track. But after it was […]

Paul Ricard – 18-inch tyre test

MARIO ISOLA – HEAD OF F1 AND CAR RACING: “We were delighted to open up a brand new chapter at Paul Ricard, with the debut for our 18-inch tires – which will change the face of Formula 1 – taking place alongside our latest development test for next year’s 13-inch tires. Renault provided a 2018 mule car for the 18-inch test, with Sergey Sirotkin driving to mark this historic moment. We completed our planned program as expected, covering 213 laps with the 18-inch tires over two days. This was very useful for us to take a first look at the […]

2019 Belgian Grand Prix – Strategy

The optimal strategy for the 44-lap Belgian Grand Prix is a one-stopper, assuming it remains dry. Ideally, the quickest way is to start on the soft tyre for 18 to 22 laps, then switch to the medium until the end. Very close behind in terms of overall race time is a two-stopper: starting on the soft for 15 laps, switching to the soft again for another 15-lap stint, and then doing the final 14 laps on the medium. Finally, there’s a slightly slower alternative strategy (in case of an early safety car): start on the soft for 12 to 14 […]

Renault F1 team joins forces with HP

Renault F1 Team and HP France today announced an Official Partnership to provide the team with HP’s most powerful and reliable computing technology. Key members of the team will use state-of-the-art HP workstations, laptops, desktops and monitors to empower development and improve performance across a range of Renault F1 Team and wider Renault Sport Racing projects.