Formula 1

Formula 1 teams are assisting the UK Government against the COVID-19 outbreak

During the past week, the collective of UK-based Formula 1 teams and their respective technology arms has made significant progress in defining and coordinating its response to the UK Government’s call for assistance with the manufacture of medical devices to help in the treatment of coronavirus patients. The teams’ combined efforts, termed ‘Project Pitlane’, are part of a UK industry-wide effort to manufacture and deliver respiratory devices to support the national need. Following decisions taken on Monday by the UK Government, Project Pitlane will focus on at least three workstreams. These workstreams vary in scope from reverse engineering existing medical […]

Motorsport short list for the Corona Quarantine

How’s everybody doing? I bet you’re all as disappointed as we are that the first few races of the season have been either canceled or postponed. Times are quite uncertain and even though we understand it’s necessary, it’s no fun to have no (motor)sports games to watch! We are thrilled to see that it leads to new possibilities and that the drivers of F1 are still trying to entertain their fans. It might keep all of us sane in these dark times. So we’ve made a short list for you of things you can do or watch during the Corona […]

How the Mercedes DAS system works

The Mercedes team made all the headlines and gossips during the first week of testing with the DAS system. During the testing, they showed a totally new system where the driver can pull and push the steering wheel to control the front tires. But what does this Mercedes DAS system really do? DAS Systems During the testing Mercedes announced they created a Dual Axis Steering system, also called DAS. This system can change the steering angle for the wheels, but also the toe angle between the wheels. So now we know what it means, what does it do? Toe To […]