Will the Dutch GP be able to continue? Today the judge will decide.

Today the judge will come to their conclusion in the lawsuit against the Dutch GP. With only 3 days to go until the first Free Practice, it will become an interesting day. Will we have a normal race format? Will the race need to be canceled? Or are their other changes needed?

The lawsuit has been started by Johan Vollenbroek with his foundation Mobilisation for the Environment. They say that the nitrogen levels of the Grand Prix weekend would be higher than the permit allows. Both the local government and the Circuit said last week in the hearing that the permit does allow the Grand Prix, and even if this permit was wrong the other permit’s the Circuit has would still cover it.

According to Mobilisation for the Environment, it’s against Dutch Law to give a permit that would damage nature. They asked the judge to either cancel the full Dutch Grand Prix, or let it continue without supporting acts, and with only 1 hour for both free practice and qualification on Saturday. Also, they argue that fans shouldn’t be allowed to come to the track.

We expect the conclusion of the judge to arrive by 15:30 Amsterdam time.

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