The FIA has concluded their investigation on the Scuderia Ferrari engine

The FIA just released a statement about the investigation of the Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 Power Unit. While the new season is just around the corner, we still have something to talk about from last season.

Last season there where multiple teams publicly stating that they expect Scuderia Ferrari to cheat. This went so far that Red Bull asked the FIA about fuel pumps. After this the Scuderia Ferrari seemed to have lost some power, however, the FIA continued and checked the fuel levels on the Charles Leclerc engine. That check ended with the conclusion that there was a mistake between the real numbers and the numbers provided by Ferrari.

Now the FIA has reached a settlement with Scuderia Ferrari about the operation of the Power Unit. The specifics of the agreement will remain between the parties, and won’t be announced publicly. However, is public information that Scuderia Ferrari had to agree to a number of technical commitments that would improve the monitoring of the Power Units.


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