Sophia Floersch says that she won’t go to the Ferrari Academy

Sophia Floersch announced on Twitter that Ferrari shouldn’t give her a call for the Ferrari-driver-academy. Sophia Floersch believes that Ferrari doesn’t have the right reasons for adding women to the academy.

Last month Ferrari announced that the would like more women in the Ferrari Academy. Sophia Floersch thinks that Ferrari is only allowing women for marketing purposes. When Sophia Floersch was asked for the W-Series she also said she wasn’t interested in a women-only category. She strongly believes that women and men should race in a mixed class, so they can really show what they are worth. Women need to be able to show that they are as good as the men driving the cars. Just like Michele Mouton did in the rally sport.

The 1996 Formula 1 world champion Damon Hill agrees with Sophia Floersch. The women that are driving in motorsport should be able to get a spot based on talent, not based on sex.

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