Sebastian Vettel could go back to Red Bull Racing

Sebastian Vettel says he is open to returning with the Red Bull Racing team. He also announced that he had some talks with Renault before they signed Fernando Alonso.

Sebastian Vettel is a four-time Formula 1 world champion and is currently without a seat for next season after Ferrari decided to not make an offer for a new contract. This has given Sebastian Vettel a difficult position as most seats were already signed. The last real seat was with Renault, but that one has gone to Fernando Alonso. asked Sebastian Vettel if he was thinking about a sabbatical of retirement for Formula 1 and he answered that currently, everything is an option, including to carry on, have a break, or retire.

The website also asked if he would accept a seat if Red Bull offered it, Sebastian Vettel responded: As I said,it’s a winning car, and as I said earlier, I’m here to compete and here to win. So probably the answer would be yes.

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