Mercedes and Ferrari got COVID-19 protocol warnings

Both Mercedes and Ferrari are warned by the FIA about the COVID-19 protocol. Both teams didn’t follow the protocol when Charles Leclerc and Valtteri Bottas returned to Monaco after the Austrian GP.

The FIA is imposing strict social bubbles for the teams trying to limit the chances of getting COVID-19 in the paddock, and limit the chances of it spreading if it would infect any of the team members. While the current COVID-19 rules allowed the two to travel away from the venue. It’s very strict about contact with anybody outside the bubble.

In Monaco, Valtteri Bottas posted on his social media that he was enjoying his time out there. Charles Leclerc posted pictures on his social media with friends and family, including one shot without wearing a mask.

The FIA has announced that both teams are getting a warning reminding them about their need to follow the Code of Conduct that all attendees of the Austrian races must adhere to. For Ferrari, this will be the second warning after Sebastian Vettel spoke to Christian Horner and Helmut Marko last week without a mask.


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