Lewis Hamilton could be forced into quarantine

Lewis Hamilton could be forced into quarantine in Budapest. This could place the Hungarian Grand Prix in trouble again.

Next weekend will have a race in Budapest, but the Government announced strict rules for UK citizens who enter the country. The FIA is currently working to get an exemption for all the Formula 1 staff that have been living in bubbles with strict COVID-19 protocols and weekly tests.

The Hungarian government is referring to pictures of overcrowded beaches and pubs in the UK. While all Europian residents will be free to travel to Hungary and roam around freely, they announced that UK citizens need to remain in lockdown before they are free to go out in the city.

This will mean that Lewis Hamilton, Lando Norris, and George Russell as drivers will not be able to go to the track. But also other key people like Ross Brawn, Christian Horner, and Claire Williams are not allowed to go to the track or will face a 15,000 euro fine.

Around 1,700 of the 2,000 people selected to be part of F1’s ambitious plans to bring the sport back after the coronavirus pandemic is from the UK. And they all could face a severe ticking-off from the Hungarian police PLUS the huge fine per person for breaching protocol.

Eight of F1’s teams are based in Britain and have just received the news from the FIA’s Covid-19 delegate. They are now weighing up what their options are in the hope of an 11th-hour dispensation from the Hungarian government.

This is a huge blow to F1 after ZERO positive Covid-19 tests in the past two weeks as they finally get the sport up and running. Last weekend saw a thrilling race at the Red Bull Ring, while the Styrian GP will be also held on the same track tomorrow.

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