Motorsport short list for the Corona Quarantine

How’s everybody doing? I bet you’re all as disappointed as we are that the first few races of the season have been either canceled or postponed. Times are quite uncertain and even though we understand it’s necessary, it’s no fun to have no (motor)sports games to watch! We are thrilled to see that it leads to new possibilities and that the drivers of F1 are still trying to entertain their fans. It might keep all of us sane in these dark times. So we’ve made a short list for you of things you can do or watch during the Corona Quarantine!

Virtual Racing

The F1 drivers are probably training with their simulators, but of course, there is also the possibility of online gaming! We’ve seen a few drivers, such as Lando Norris and Max Verstappen (anyone else that we’ve missed?), who are either having a live stream, an online tournament or are just challenging people to race against them in an online battle. That seems fun!

Watching old races

Some of the old races are still exciting to watch. What about the German GP of 2019 or maybe one of the races in Monaco? We are usually watching the F1 games on Dutch television, with sports reporter Olav Mol. We’ve tried to watch a few of the old races with English commentary and that seems to give us a new perspective on old situations. If you’re currently learning a new language, watching an old race in that language could even be a double win!

How to watch

You can watch almost all Formula 1 races from the past years online. You could use the official Formula 1 website for that!

What do you watch during this extra “break”?

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