Breaking: Formula 1 announces first COVID-19 positive test result

The Formula 1 has been conducting regular tests for COVID-19 on all personnel and attendees of all the Grand Prix races in 2020. With that they announced that they did over 8.000 tests resulting in no positive cases for the Austrian weekends. But for the 5.000 tests conducted in Hungary there are two positive COVID-19 test results.

The FIA announced the following statement

The FIA and Formula 1 can today confirm that between Friday 10th July and Thursday 16th July, 4,997 tests for COVID-19 have been performed on drivers, teams, and personnel

Of these, two people have tested positive. The individuals were not present in Austria, with the affected people removed from operations and isolated.

Tracing of close contacts completed and isolated. The FIA and Formula 1 are providing this aggregated information for the purposes of competition integrity and transparency.

No specific details as to teams or individuals will be provided by the FIA or Formula 1 and results will be made public every 7 days.

The second time

This marks the second time that there are COVID-19 cases in the Formula 1 paddock. First, we had a McLaren member testing positive just before the Austrian Grand Prix that got canceled because of this test.

While we FIA announced that they won’t announce in what team the positive cases are located, it does make us wonder has it have anything to do with Sebastian Vettel, Valtteri Bottas and Charles Leclerc breaking the Corona rules?

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