ART Grand Prix driver Lundgaard about his helmet

ART Grand Prix driver Lundgaard takes us behind the visor

“My first ever helmet was actually just a plain white one, but my first properly painted design was very similar to the one that I have now. There are small changes and certain things which we have added along the way, but the basic design is the same.

“The designs from this year and last year are from my brother. We are working with a company called KV Design and they will work with my brother to design my helmet. My brother has the software on his computer, so we will go through it together and add and change things that we think would look cool. We just sit at home together and try different things out, having fun with it.

“I have this orange/red color on my helmet that looks orange in some lights and red in others. I and my brother I decided together that we would stick with this color as well as the black and the blue which you can see. On the back of the helmet, there is my logo which my brother designed for me as well.


“This year, we have changed the matte effect slightly. The matte is the same, but there are now effects which you can see inside of the matte. You can’t see them from a distance, but when you look closely you can see them, and I think it is quite nice.

“The Puls Concept logo that you can see is my trainer’s company. He is a trainer/physio/everything – I don’t know what he doesn’t know. I have known him for a very long time, and we are good friends as well as partners. I think the work he does for me should be recognized.


“If I got into F1 one day, I’d hopefully like to stay with the same color scheme and basic design, because when you see a driver in the car, you don’t see his suit, just his helmet, which I think makes the design really important.”

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