Sophia Floersch will return on the racetrack next week

Sophia Floersch announced that she is returning to racing next week. She will we back in the car during the testing days for the Formula European Masters in Monza. This after her horrific crash in Macau four months ago.

Horrific Crash

During the Macau Grand Prix in 2018 she lost control of her car, which flew through the air and smashed into a fence and photographers bunker. In this incident, she fractured her spine. After the crash, she was brought directly to the hospital to undergo an 11 hour during operation. But after exactly 106 days after the crash, she will be in a racecar again. Sophia Floersch thinks her speedy recovery is based on her ambition to become the first female Formula One Grand Pix winner.

Video of the Crash

Formula European Masters

The opening for the Formula European Masters is scheduled on the 4th of May on the Hockenheimring in Germany. The season will end on the Hockenheimring again on the 6th of October. During the season the drivers will visit Germany, Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom, and The Netherlands. The current schedule has 9 rounds. All scheduled during the DTM events.


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