Formula One will award points for fastest lap

The Formula One is changing its scoring system this year. In an addition to the current scoring system it will start giving a point to the driver that sets the fastest lap in a grand prix.

With this change to the scoring system the Formula One is hoping to make it more appealing to watch the race. This all in the hope to increase the audiences. The change is expected to be officially confirmed before the season-opening race in Australia next weekend. The move has been approved by the FIA’s world motor sport council (WMSC), a key legislative body, but still needs to be signed off by two further bodies – the strategy group of leading teams, F1 and FIA, and the F1 Commission, a body on which the FIA, teams, sponsors and circuits have representation. The approval that is needed seems to be a formality, as it already has been discussed by the Formula One team leads and the strategy groups before going to the WMSC.

This will not be the first time that drivers can score an extra point by being the fastest on the track. During the Formula One World Championship 1950 until the season 1959 drivers would also receive a point for being the fastest.

Would it have made a difference last season

The biggest question for this rule change would be: Would it really change a season. When we look at last season the answer would be: No, it would not change anything to the number one and two of the championship. We have to go back all the way till 2008. In that season Hamilton won the championship with 1 point above Massa. However Massa was the fastest 2 times that seasons, while Hamilton only once. It would give make both drivers on the same amount of numbers, and based on races won Massa would have taken the championship.


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