Female Driver: Angelique Detavernier

Some people think that motorsport is a men’s sport. The FIA is trying to change this with the W series. However lingerie model Angelique Detavernier is trying to get attention for the sport in a totally different way. Angelique Detavernier can be found on the race track, however she likes to pose in sexy ways on the racetrack also.

Race Experience

She isn’t just a model that did one race. She drove the 25 hours of VW Fun Cup multiple times. She drove the 24 hours of Zolder three times with a Porsche 911 and she is is active in the Blancpain Endurance Cup for GT-cars.

Other jobs

Angelique Detavernier is also still active as model. She was a Playboy model in November 2014. However she is also coaching wealthy people that come to the track to drive in a race car.

Some Photos

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