Australian Grand Prix – Possible Race Strategies

We are minutes away from the start of the first Grand Prix of 2019. The biggest question is how will the new rules work out? One of the new rules is the extra point for the fastest lap. The question remains will the team do a dual pit-stop?

Possible Race Strategies

In theory, the quickest strategy for the 58-lap Australian Grand Prix is actually a two-stopper: two stints on the soft tyre of 21 laps each, followed by a shorter 16-lap final stint on the medium.

In practice, the teams are more likely to adopt a one-stopper, which is extremely close in terms of the overall time anyway and carries less risk, especially as Albert Park is not so easy to overtake on. The optimal one-stop strategy (from the information we have so far) is to start on the soft tyre for 27 laps, then run 31 laps on the medium tyre to the end.

Very close to that is an alternative one stopper: start on the soft tyre for 24 laps, then go for 34 laps on the hard to the flag.

Tires available

The teams still have the following tires ready to go.

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