Australian Grand Prix – Free Practice Session 2

The second practice session for the Australian Grand Prix has just finished. This session shows more of what we can expect for the race on Sunday.

Just like the first session its Mercedes taking the lead, so we can expect them to be strong during the qualifying and the race. The big difference is the fact the Ferrari dropped down on the time table a bit. This session ending at the 5th and 9th place. But still this doesn’t mean anything yet, the points are given after the race.


The first session showed a crash in Turn 2 by Albon. The second session wasn’t really better for Albon, he ended up in the grass two times. He is clearly not having his day. But if you keep in mind that he is a rookie, it can be the case that he just needs to have more millage to learn. However he is still better then rookie Lando Norris and both Williams cars. It will be interesting to see how he evolves during the weekend.


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